Types of Gloves

Latex gloves
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Gloves are an essential piece of equipment for dozens of professions. Workers from the medical field to the automotive industry use gloves to keep themselves safe. Ranging from latex gloves to neoprene gloves, the American worker has a lot of options. However, not all gloves are created equal. It is important to understand the different kinds of gloves and how they handle under certain conditions. In this article, we go over a few different types of gloves so you can make an informed decision about what is best for you.

Latex Gloves

Latex gloves are going to be the cheapest option on this list. For this reason, latex gloves are the most common gloves in the workforce today. Latex gloves are also easily disposable and replaceable. However, this affordable glove does come with a downside. Latex gloves do not provide very much protection when it comes to chemicals. They are primarily used to protect the user from interacting and spreading harmful bacteria. Also, people can become allergic to latex and/or the powder on the gloves. Here at AAA Wholesale Company, we provide dozens of options in latex gloves, including options that do not have powder.

Neoprene Gloves

Neoprene gloves are some of the most heavy-duty gloves that we have on this list. Unlike latex gloves, neoprene gloves provide excellent protection for a variety of chemicals. In this case, neoprene gloves are most commonly found in laboratories, especially ones that heavily deal with acids and bases. Doctors and other medical professionals also use neoprene gloves when dealing with chemotherapy. It is important to note neoprene gloves are some of the most expensive gloves that we have on this list.

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves act as an excellent middle ground between latex gloves and neoprene gloves. Like latex gloves, nitrile gloves are incredibly affordable and are widely circulated among many professions. Also, like neoprene gloves, nitrile gloves protect against a variety of chemicals. Particularly, nitrile gloves are excellent for people that work around gasoline and other petroleum-based substances. However, you should not use these gloves when dealing with highly acidic chemicals.

Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves are a perfect option for anyone that needs a good durable glove. The vinyl glove belongs in the same family as the latex glove. Namely, vinyl gloves are among the most inexpensive gloves on the market. Also, since they are so inexpensive, they can be easily disposed of. However, what makes vinyl gloves unique is the fact they are more durable. If you work in an industry like the automotive industry, these gloves are a perfect fit for you. For one thing, you will be able to work with tools and other items without worrying about the gloves ripping or tearing. Also, these gloves provide superb protection against gasoline or any other petroleum-based chemical.

You Have Options

No matter what career field you are in or what your requirements are, there is a glove for you. Vinyl and latex gloves provide an affordable option for your essential protection needs. If you need something a bit more heavy-duty, neoprene and nitrile gloves have you covered. Here at AAA Wholesale Company, we will provide any glove you will ever need.

5 Different Types of Face Masks

Face masks are a necessity in the medical world. Read on for information about 5 different types of face masks for doctors and patients.
Face masks are a necessity in the medical world. Read on for information about 5 different types of face masks for doctors and patients.
Photo by sasint – https://pixabay.com/photos/surgery-hospital-doctor-care-1807541/

Face masks are crucial in the medical world. In hospitals and medical facilities, you will see doctors, nurses, and even patients wearing face masks. With all the different options available on the market, it can be difficult to know which face mask to choose. Read on for information about five different types of face masks.

Basic Procedure Face Mask

The basic procedure mask is the standard blue medical mask. It is perfect for doctors and dentists doing their day-to-day patient checkups and examinations.

Antimicrobial Face Mask

The antimicrobial face mask is designed for doctors doing procedures where there is potential of contamination. Antimicrobial is an agent that kills microorganisms. This mask protects medical professionals against viruses and bacteria that they could come in contact with during a medical procedure. This mask has four layers of antimicrobial, meaning it will give you ultimate protection.

Face Mask with Shield

This type of face mask has an attached splash shield. This is perfect for surgeons who need to protect their whole face and eyes during procedures. The face mask has anti-fog technology so that doctors can clearly see through the shield. The mask is lightweight, latex free, and has filtration greater than 95% at 0.1-micron particles.

Anesthesia Face Mask

Doctors aren’t the only ones who need face masks. The patients sometimes need them too. An anesthesia face mask is for patients who are having surgery. These masks include inflatable cushions with inflation valves, transparent crowns, and collars.

Disposable Face Mask NIV

Another patient mask is the disposable face mask NIV. This vented mask is comfortable, affordable, and designed for single use. The mask is comfortable due to the mirage dual-wall cushion technology. The mask has a 360-degree rotating elbow with swivel which helps medical providers easily find the correct tube position. There is an exhalation vent, anti-asphyxia valve, and safety valve. The mask also allows for quick release in case of an emergency. This mask keeps patients synchronized with their ventilator.

Faces masks are extremely common in the medical world. There are many types for both patients and medical professionals. The above listed face masks are good options for any medical facility to have. They help protect both the doctors and patients and are comfortable and easy to wear. For more information about face masks, contact AAA Wholesale Company today.



Why You Need the Philips Respironic DreamStation to Help You Sleep Better

Are you suffering from sleep apnea?  Do you have a difficult time breathing and staying asleep during the night?  The Philips Respironic DreamStation is the product for you.  This is a sleep therapy device designed to help you and your patients get a better night’s sleep, track their sleep progress, and have support throughout their journey with positive airway pressure sleep therapy.  At AAA Wholesale, we offer our customers the best and most reliable products to help them live a better life.  This starts with sleeping well. With the Philips DreamStation, you’ll notice these benefits immediately.

Simple to Use

The Philips Respironic DreamStation is designed to be an easy experience, which is how sleep should be.  It is user-friendly with simple features and minimal buttons.  This makes it simple to implement into your everyday routine, even when you are extremely tired or frustrated after a long day.  The front-facing design makes it easy to access whether you are sitting up or lying down.  Also, the humidifier water chamber is easy to remove and clean.

Sleek Design

The design of the DreamStation is sleek and stylish, making it attractive for any nightstand.  It is also lightweight, which makes it portable and good for travel.  The minimal use of buttons on the front makes the device appear sleek and attractive, but it also makes it easy to use.  The Philips Respironic DreamStation is truly designed with patients in mind.

Daily Progress Reports

One of the key features of the Philips Respironic DreamStation is the ability to diagnose your sleep daily.  This helps to reduce the need for frequent doctor visits to ask questions about your sleep patterns.  Because it has self-diagnosis tools embedded within, the DreamStation allows you to have peace of mind knowing exactly what quality of sleep you are getting each night.

Access to Patient Care Team

Not only will you have access to daily progress reports, you will also have a support system and access to a patient care team when you need it.  These services will help support you as you continue with your sleep therapy.  The Philips Respironic DreamStation will help you set and achieve sleep goals, while helping you stay on top of your sleep therapy.  Many practices recommend the DreamStation to their patients because of their ability to support their patients throughout the process.

When you are searching for a CPAP and therapy system to help you sleep better, you need the Philips Respironic DreamStation.  It will help you improve your sleep while providing you with diagnosis and daily sleep progress reports.  Contact us at AAA Wholesale to place your order today.

Why You Should Use Disposable Lab Coats

lab coats

lab coats

Laboratories are critical to the medical community. Lab technicians deal with medical samples, blood, bodily fluids, and chemicals. At AAA Wholesale Company, we offer many different supplies for laboratories. This includes everyday uniforms. Your laboratory wants the cleanest and safest lab coats for technicians. Disposable lab coats provide many benefits for both lab technicians and the patients they serve.

More Cost Effective

As a business, cost-effective decisions help budgets. However, this often leads to low-quality products. These products need replacement after a short period of time. In addition, proper function is at risk.  With disposable lab coats, quality is not compromised. These are designed to be high-quality and cost-effective. They are an affordable investment for any laboratory business.

Prevents the Spread of Contagions

Lab technicians come in contact with many samples of human blood, fluids, and other airborne particles. They are aware of the hazards they have in the workplace.  However, spills take place. In addition, techs come in contact with potentially contagious diseases. Therefore, disposable lab coats are the solution. Technicians dispose of contaminated clothing. Therefore, this eliminates the need to sanitize.

Decreases Cross-Contamination

Lab technicians are properly trained and certified. However, cross-contamination in lab testing still occurs. Reusable lab coats require heavy-duty cleaning chemicals. This leaves materials frayed or strings loose. These materials find their way into samples. This causes cross-contamination and inaccurate test results. Additionally, lab coats carry fluid from other samples when they aren’t sanitized, which can taint results. Overall, disposable lab coats decrease cross-contamination overall.

Limits Flammability

Many chemicals used in laboratories are flammable.  Therefore, flammable chemical residue remains on their clothing.  When they work with open flames, they are susceptible to catching fire.  To avoid this hazard, it is advisable to wear a new lab coat each time they enter the lab. Disposable lab coats stored in a contained area give laboratories and their technicians that option.

Safety benefits of using disposable lab coats in your laboratory facilities outweigh any of the drawbacks. At AAA Wholesale Company, we know that our customers want the best products for their business. So, that’s why we only offer the best.  Shop with us today by calling. Help your lab technicians become safer and avoid more hazards.

Why Hypromellose Eye Drops Are the Right Treatment for Dry Eyes

hypromellose eye drops

Are you suffering from itchy, sore, dry eyes?  AAA Wholesale Company has the right treatment for you.  We offer hypromellose eye drops to help soothe and provide lubricant that will relieve your dry eye symptoms.  This over-the-counter medication will treat dry eyes, acting as artificial tears, when your eyes simply cannot produce the moisture needed for relief on their own.  There are many benefits to picking up a few bottles of hypromellose eye drops to relieve your symptoms today.

Artificial Tears

Hypromellose eye drops are designed to replicate human tears. They are referred to as “artificial tears” for this reason.  For those who suffer from dry eyes due to difficulty producing natural tears, this is a great solution for you.  These eye drops are designed to relieve, soothe, and remove irritation from your dry or sore eyes.  They add much-needed lubricant to your eye with just a simple drop every few hours.

Easy, Everyday Application

First and foremost, read the label on the side of the eye drop bottle to ensure you are using it properly.  This is always recommended for any medication you use.  This will alert you to any side-effects you may experience after administering the drops.  It is recommended to use one drop of the hypromellose eye drops three-to-four times per day. If you have extremely dry eyes, you are able to use them every hour.  The dropper inside the bottle is easy to squeeze. However, be sure to avoid touching the dropper to the skin around your eye.  Hold the dropper at least half an inch away from your eye when administering the drops.  After one or two applications, this process will be a breeze.

Available Over-the-Counter

You will not have to call or visit your doctor in order to treat your dry eyes. Hypromellose eye drops are available over-the-counter at AAA Wholesale Company and other pharmacies.  This makes it accessible to any who are suffering from dry eyes and want immediate relief.  If you suffer from extremely dry eyes and can’t seem to find relief, even with eye drops, it would then be important to call your doctor to get drops with a prescription strength lubricant.  However, hypromellose eye drops typically relieve the symptoms of dryness and soreness of the eyes after a few applications each day.

If you are suffering from dry, sore, or irritated eyes, you may want to try hypromellose eyes drops to resolve your issue once and for all.  At AAA Wholesale Company, we want to offer our customers the best treatments and products for their everyday needs.  Why walk around with itchy, dry eyes when you can just grab a bottle of hypromellose eye drops off our shelves and get quick relief from your pain?  Email us at info@go3a.com  to get your hands on a bottle today, and say goodbye to your dry, irritated, and itchy eyes.

Top Infant Formulas Recommended By Doctors

infant formula

infant formula

As a parent, you struggle to make the best choices for your children. This starts with choosing the best source of nutrition for your infant. With countless choices available for infant formula, it is easy to question your decision and ask yourself if your choice is the best. At AAA Wholesale Company, we take the research into our own hands so that the parents who shop in our store are only offered the best infant formulas out there. When you shop with us, we will lead you through our top and expert-approved formulas so you can have peace of mind that your infant is getting fed the best. At AAA Whole Company, we offer the top two highly-regarded and pediatrician-recommended formulas to our customers.


Enfamil formula is recommended by pediatricians for many reasons. It offers 15 different varieties categorized by the developmental age of a child, such as newborns, infants, and toddlers. These formulas provide the appropriate nutrition for each stage of development. Enfamil offers high-quality ingredients that only offer nutritional value, but this comes at a higher cost. In addition to nonfat milk, lactose, and whey protein concentrate, Enfamil also contains palm oleic oil. This ingredient is a fatty acid that is similar to breast milk, which can help a weening baby with his or her transition from breastfeeding to formula. This, however, may make it less gentle on a baby’s stomach. Enfamil also has ingredients that add to brain health and cognitive development, and also contains iron, which boosts immunity.


Pediatricians also recommend Similac, another popular formula brand. It offers 20 different versions based on a baby’s needs and dietary restrictions. Similac formulas have some added sugars, which makes it taste better but have less nutritional value. Unlike Enfamil, Similac avoids using GMOs in its ingredients. Similac contains nonfat milk, lactose, whey protein concentrate, and a prebiotic oil that is naturally found in breast milk. Prebiotics help absorb calcium, build stronger bones, develop a strengthened immune system, and maintain a healthy gut.  Similac also adds lutein into its list of ingredients, which helps improve vision health.  The available options resolve common feeding issues, such as indigestion, gas, spitting up, milk intolerance, discomfort, poor weight gain, and much more. Both formula brands offer a wide array of formulas to combat these issues, but Similac offers a few more.

Choosing the best infant formula

Although both brands have similar vitamins and minerals, they offer different amounts of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins depending on a baby’s needs.  It is common for parents to try many formulas before deciding on which one is best for their child. At AAA Wholesale Company, we only offer the best to our parents.  We believe that putting the best options on our shelves will ease a parent’s stress. They don’t have to read every label and question each ingredient.  They can instead use their time to be with their family while still knowing they’ve chosen the best for their child.  Contact us today at 650-997-0880 to alleviate your stress and get the best nutrition for your infant.

Top-Ranked Breast Pumps by Moms

Photo by Joshua Rodriguez on Unsplash. Top Ranked Breast Pumps by Moms

Taking the steps into motherhood can be challenging, especially when it comes to nursing an infant and pumping breast milk. However, knowing the top-ranked breast pumps by moms can help ease the process. First, you need to determine what kind of pump you want and would fit you best. There are double-electric pumps that pump both breasts at the same time. Single-electric pumps take care of one breast at a time and are slightly cost-effective. Battery operated pumps are also available and very portable, but they pump more slowly.  Lastly, there are manual breast pumps which are very portable, inexpensive, and lightweight. These manual pumps are definitely not as fast, but might work for what you need. Once you determine what type of pump is right for you, then you can start looking into the brands and models, especially those ranked by other moms.

Medela Pump in Style Advanced

This is a double-electric pump, so it is very efficient. Additionally, it is lightweight and even comes with a cooler to put the bottles in when you have finished pumping. Some mothers testify it increased their milk supply when using this machine. It comes with a charger for the wall and one extra battery, so it can even be used for traveling. The starting price is $182 on Amazon.

NUK Expressive Single Electric

If you are looking for something affordable yet high-quality, this breast pump is great. At a price of only $30 at Walmart, it is portable, quiet, and easy to use. Some mothers don’t care for the double-electric pumps, so this single-electric is a good alternative. It is small and reasonable to bring when travelling or just getting out of the house for a little bit.

Lansinoh Manual

This pump is available on Amazon, starting at $24. Moms report that compared to electric ones, this pump is easier to clean and pumps directly into the bottle. It has a special handle so that mothers can pump with just using one hand.This is useful for potential multi-tasking while pumping milk.

There are a variety of breast pumps from which to choose. Sometimes mothers may have to try a few to find the best one that works for them. Every mom is different and has different needs for breastfeeding. For additional information, please visit AAA Wholesale for more information on breastfeeding products.

Summit Medical

Summit Medical

For years, AAA Wholesale has provided the best medical equipment. We believe in cutting-edge quality. Furthermore, we deliver that quality at the best prices. Therefore, medical professionals trust AAA Wholesale. Now, surgeons have even more options than they had before. AAA Wholesale now carries products from Summit Medical, offering some of the best equipment on the market. Here are just a few of the reasons why we proudly carry these products and will do so long into the future. 

What is Summit Medical? 

Summit Medical is a medical device manufacturer that has been serving the global healthcare community for over 30 years. The company works closely with surgeons, nurses, and allied healthcare professionals to develop unique, patented products. Overall, this improves surgical outcomes and makes the delivery of healthcare more efficient. 

Product Dedication 

As a medical device manufacturer that is involved in every stage of development, Summit Medical is dedicated to their products. In a constantly adapting field, medical devices need to meet the most current industry demands. Therefore, they are committed to understanding and meeting those demands by being dedicated to their products. Throughout the entire product development process, design, engineered and manufacturing, Summit Medical meets industry demands. Additionally, the company is dedicated to developing solutions to meet the needs of surgeons, nurses and allied healthcare professionals to develop the best products. Therefore, because of Summit Medical’s dedication to their products, patients receive the best surgical care.  

Insider Knowledge  

Understanding the needs of the medical industry, Summit Medical works closely with surgeons, nurses and allied healthcare professionals to develop their products. This allows for better-suited, patented medical devices to be designed, engineered and manufactured. Additionally, with insider knowledge, their products help improve surgical outcomes and make the delivery of healthcare more efficient.   

Innovative Products 

Summit Medical believes in bettering surgical outcomes and the delivery of healthcare. Because of this, they have created many innovative, high-quality medical devices. Responsible for design, engineering and manufacturing, the company regularly researches possibilities for improvement. Additionally, they listen to the needs of surgeons, nurses and allied healthcare professionals. Finally, they develop new ideas until they can bring those ideas to fruition. Overall, Summit Medical brings innovation into everything that they do. 

Wholesale with AAA Wholesale 

Now, you can get your Summit Medical products with AAA Wholesale. At AAA Wholesale, we carry top-quality medical equipment in bulk. This allows our clients to provide the best care for their patients. With AAA, you can get every Summit Medical product you could possibly need, and you’ll get those products at competitive prices. 

Your Summit Medical Products 

Ready to order your Summit Medical products from the best source? Take a look at your product options today. Have any questions? We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to contact the AAA Wholesale team at any time. Let us help you provide the best for your patients. 

Beaver-Visitec International

BVI Medical

For years, AAA Wholesale has provided the best medical equipment. We believe in cutting-edge quality. Furthermore, we deliver that quality at the best prices. Medical professionals trust AAA Wholesale. Now, ophthalmologists have even more options than they had before. AAA Wholesale now carries products from Beaver-Visitec International. BVI Medical has some of the best equipment on the market. Here are just a few of the reasons why we proudly carry these products and will do so long into the future.


What is bvi medical?

BVI Medical creates single-use instruments and custom procedure packs for ophthalmological surgery. They set a high standard for care. For nearly 90 years, this company has created the best products. These days, they offer more than 2200 products. Surgeons use BVI instruments in everything from cataract surgery to glaucoma repair.


Consistent precision quality

BVI Medical provides consistent quality. Surgical instruments must be steady and precise. Furthermore, those instruments have to stay reliable. The surgeon should know what to expect from surgical instruments with every use. Single-use instruments have no room for surprises. Doctors have to count on them. Thankfully, BVI delivers. With BVI, surgeons know exactly what they can expect. They’ll get the same quality every time. The instruments work predictably. As a result, the patients receive the best surgical care.



Not everyone can deliver consistency and innovation at the same time. However, BVI isn’t just any company. The BVI team believes in consistent improvement. That’s why they have so many products on the market. Every patient deserves the best quality in care. The BVI team regularly research possibilities for improvement. They listen to the needs of surgeons and patients. Finally, they develop new ideas until they can bring those ideas to fruition. Overall, BVI Medical brings innovation into everything that they do.


Wholesale with AAA

Now, you can get your BVI Medical products with AAA Wholesale. At AAA Wholesale, we carry top-quality medical equipment in bulk. This way, our clients can provide the best care for their patients. With AAA, you can get every BVI product you could possibly need, and you’ll get those products at competitive prices.


Your BVI Medical Products

Ready to order your BVI Medical products from the best source? Take a look at your product options today. Have any questions? We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to contact the AAA Wholesale team at any time. Let us help you provide the best for your patients.

Tips for Transfer Bench Use and Safety

A transfer bench is useful for people with disabilities or injuries. It helps them safely transfer to a toilet, tub or shower. The right transfer bench offers stability and security. Keep these things in mind when you need to use a transfer bench.

The Importance of a transfer bench

People with weakened bones due to age or osteoporosis can’t afford to fall. Even minor bumps, trips or falls can cause bones to break. These bones may not heal fast enough to allow full recovery. The right bench offers the protection they need to stay mobile as long as possible.

Features of a Transfer bench

Look for sturdy grab bars on a transfer bench. It’s important that the grab bars are easily accessible, to prevent falling. The bench will also have a high quality plastic sitting surface, either hard or padded. Many have a backrest, but some made for the shower do not. Most benches are rated to hold up to 300 lbs. of weight. Check the weight rating of the bench before you make a purchase.

Types of Transfer Benches

One type of bench is for the commode. It has a cutout to fit over the commode, plus an extra section for sliding on and off with safety. Some commode benches have a temporary collection cup that can be removed.

Another type of bench is for the shower or tub. This bench type often has drain holes. You can choose whether you want a padded or non-padded version.

A slider bench is also available. It features a seat that slides from side to side on metal racks. This is a good choice for a patient with low mobility.

Yet another type of bench is the rotating seat bench. This type of bench allows the patient to swivel. Depending on the patient’s needs, this can be a convenient choice.

Using a transfer bench

A patient needs to practice using a bench a few times before taking a shower or using the commode. Help the patient practice until he or she feels comfortable. Adjust the backrest to the patient’s liking for maximum comfort.

The transfer bench also needs frequent cleaning. The surface is designed to withstand daily cleanings, so don’t hesitate to wipe it down with hot water and disinfectant spray on a regular basis. Cleaning the bench will keep the patient healthy.

A transfer bench is an essential item for someone who needs to avoid falls, or someone with lowered mobility. Visit AAA Wholesale Company to see all the transfer benches and accessories that we offer.  Simply contact us with any questions you have, and we’ll be happy to assist you.