Top-Ranked Breast Pumps by Moms

Photo by Joshua Rodriguez on Unsplash. Top Ranked Breast Pumps by Moms

Taking the steps into motherhood can be challenging, especially when it comes to nursing an infant and pumping breast milk. However, knowing the top-ranked breast pumps by moms can help ease the process. First, you need to determine what kind of pump you want and would fit you best. There are double-electric pumps that pump both breasts at the same time. Single-electric pumps take care of one breast at a time and are slightly cost-effective. Battery operated pumps are also available and very portable, but they pump more slowly.  Lastly, there are manual breast pumps which are very portable, inexpensive, and lightweight. These manual pumps are definitely not as fast, but might work for what you need. Once you determine what type of pump is right for you, then you can start looking into the brands and models, especially those ranked by other moms.

Medela Pump in Style Advanced

This is a double-electric pump, so it is very efficient. Additionally, it is lightweight and even comes with a cooler to put the bottles in when you have finished pumping. Some mothers testify it increased their milk supply when using this machine. It comes with a charger for the wall and one extra battery, so it can even be used for traveling. The starting price is $182 on Amazon.

NUK Expressive Single Electric

If you are looking for something affordable yet high-quality, this breast pump is great. At a price of only $30 at Walmart, it is portable, quiet, and easy to use. Some mothers don’t care for the double-electric pumps, so this single-electric is a good alternative. It is small and reasonable to bring when travelling or just getting out of the house for a little bit.

Lansinoh Manual

This pump is available on Amazon, starting at $24. Moms report that compared to electric ones, this pump is easier to clean and pumps directly into the bottle. It has a special handle so that mothers can pump with just using one hand.This is useful for potential multi-tasking while pumping milk.

There are a variety of breast pumps from which to choose. Sometimes mothers may have to try a few to find the best one that works for them. Every mom is different and has different needs for breastfeeding. For additional information, please visit AAA Wholesale for more information on breastfeeding products.