Three Reasons You Need Reclosable Bags

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There are many reasons you need reclosable bags in your home life. Packing a lunch. Storing leftover pizza. You may not realize how valuable they are in the medical supply, laboratory, or pharmaceutical industries. If you work in any of these industries, you need to check out these three reasons you need reclosable bags.

Ease of use

Perhaps the number one reason you need reclosable bags in the medical field is their ease of use. Reclosable bags are easy to open and close. When you’re trying to place something of importance  into a bag, you need to be able to open the bag without putting your item at risk.

Reclosable bags from AAA Wholesale Company are also extremely durable. You don’t need to worry about them ripping or tearing, as they are made from a thick 2 mil plastic to keep your product safe. They can withstand the tasks required of them. You can also rest assured that, when sealed properly, they don’t leak. Nothing gets in or out of our resealable bags. This is important in the medical field, as it keeps dirt and germs from getting in and medical products or specimens from being contaminated.

Superior protection

Another reason you need reclosable bags is that they offer spectacular protection for whatever product you are placing in them. This is especially important when transporting medical specimens like donated organs and blood samples. A resealable bag is an excellent choice for protecting and preventing contamination of medical paraphernalia.


A final reason you need reclosable bags is their great convenience. Resealable bags make a great choice for holding and organizing medical supplies. The reclosable bags from AAA Wholesale company are very easy to keep organized. You can get bags that already have labels, so you only have to fill in parts and amounts. Or you can choose multi-colored reclosable bags and assign each item its own color. This can help reduce confusion when searching for the item you need for a job. You can also choose a resealable bag with hang holes. These holes make it easy to tie or zip-tie the bag and its contents to equipment or storage racks where the contents will be used.

There are many more reasons you need reclosable bags for your business, but these might just be the top three. Don’t forget, if you order from AAA Wholesale Company, you can get a great deal on reclosable bags in bulk.


How to Choose the Right Disposable Shoe Covers

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If you have ever tried to purchase disposable shoe covers, there are three things you need to consider.



The first item you need to consider when you choose the right disposable shoe covers is their application: Why are you purchasing disposable shoe covers in the first place? What will you be using them for? Will you be wearing them somewhere that liquids could spill on them? If so, you will need disposable shoe covers that are waterproof. Is the ground or floor slippery where you will be wearing them? You might need to consider ones that are slip resistant. Do you need your disposable shoe covers to breathe? Make a list of your highest-priority needs.


Once you know exactly what you want from disposable shoe covers, you can start to look at the different kinds of material used to make them. Disposable shoe covers are typically made out of three different materials: non-woven spunbond polypropylene (PP) fabric, polyethylene (PE) plastic, and cast polyethylene (CPE). PP fabric is great when you need non-skid disposable shoe covers. PE plastic is perfect for those times you need water-resistant ones, and CPE shoe covers are water resistant and non-skid.

Type of seam

The third thing you want to consider when you are trying to choose the right disposable shoe covers is the type of seam you need. There are four types of seams to choose from: ultrasonically welded, heat-sealed, tunneled elastic, and serged.

The ultrasonically welded seam is welded together using a superior particle and fluid barrier. There are no thread holes, so these are great when you need something waterproof. Heat-sealed seams are a good alternative when you need something waterproof, but the material you choose cannot withstand being ultrasonically welded. Tunneled elastic seams help keep out particles and prevent fluid contamination, and serged seams use threads that interlock around the edges of the material and provide a seam that can withstand stress. Use the list you created when you were determining the application for your disposable shoe covers to decide which seam will work best for you.

These three factors can help you choose the right disposable shoe covers and make the task seem a bit less daunting.