Why Hypromellose Eye Drops Are the Right Treatment for Dry Eyes

hypromellose eye drops

Are you suffering from itchy, sore, dry eyes?  AAA Wholesale Company has the right treatment for you.  We offer hypromellose eye drops to help soothe and provide lubricant that will relieve your dry eye symptoms.  This over-the-counter medication will treat dry eyes, acting as artificial tears, when your eyes simply cannot produce the moisture needed for relief on their own.  There are many benefits to picking up a few bottles of hypromellose eye drops to relieve your symptoms today.

Artificial Tears

Hypromellose eye drops are designed to replicate human tears. They are referred to as “artificial tears” for this reason.  For those who suffer from dry eyes due to difficulty producing natural tears, this is a great solution for you.  These eye drops are designed to relieve, soothe, and remove irritation from your dry or sore eyes.  They add much-needed lubricant to your eye with just a simple drop every few hours.

Easy, Everyday Application

First and foremost, read the label on the side of the eye drop bottle to ensure you are using it properly.  This is always recommended for any medication you use.  This will alert you to any side-effects you may experience after administering the drops.  It is recommended to use one drop of the hypromellose eye drops three-to-four times per day. If you have extremely dry eyes, you are able to use them every hour.  The dropper inside the bottle is easy to squeeze. However, be sure to avoid touching the dropper to the skin around your eye.  Hold the dropper at least half an inch away from your eye when administering the drops.  After one or two applications, this process will be a breeze.

Available Over-the-Counter

You will not have to call or visit your doctor in order to treat your dry eyes. Hypromellose eye drops are available over-the-counter at AAA Wholesale Company and other pharmacies.  This makes it accessible to any who are suffering from dry eyes and want immediate relief.  If you suffer from extremely dry eyes and can’t seem to find relief, even with eye drops, it would then be important to call your doctor to get drops with a prescription strength lubricant.  However, hypromellose eye drops typically relieve the symptoms of dryness and soreness of the eyes after a few applications each day.

If you are suffering from dry, sore, or irritated eyes, you may want to try hypromellose eyes drops to resolve your issue once and for all.  At AAA Wholesale Company, we want to offer our customers the best treatments and products for their everyday needs.  Why walk around with itchy, dry eyes when you can just grab a bottle of hypromellose eye drops off our shelves and get quick relief from your pain?  Email us at info@go3a.com  to get your hands on a bottle today, and say goodbye to your dry, irritated, and itchy eyes.