Why You Need the Philips Respironic DreamStation to Help You Sleep Better

Are you suffering from sleep apnea?  Do you have a difficult time breathing and staying asleep during the night?  The Philips Respironic DreamStation is the product for you.  This is a sleep therapy device designed to help you and your patients get a better night’s sleep, track their sleep progress, and have support throughout their journey with positive airway pressure sleep therapy.  At AAA Wholesale, we offer our customers the best and most reliable products to help them live a better life.  This starts with sleeping well. With the Philips DreamStation, you’ll notice these benefits immediately.

Simple to Use

The Philips Respironic DreamStation is designed to be an easy experience, which is how sleep should be.  It is user-friendly with simple features and minimal buttons.  This makes it simple to implement into your everyday routine, even when you are extremely tired or frustrated after a long day.  The front-facing design makes it easy to access whether you are sitting up or lying down.  Also, the humidifier water chamber is easy to remove and clean.

Sleek Design

The design of the DreamStation is sleek and stylish, making it attractive for any nightstand.  It is also lightweight, which makes it portable and good for travel.  The minimal use of buttons on the front makes the device appear sleek and attractive, but it also makes it easy to use.  The Philips Respironic DreamStation is truly designed with patients in mind.

Daily Progress Reports

One of the key features of the Philips Respironic DreamStation is the ability to diagnose your sleep daily.  This helps to reduce the need for frequent doctor visits to ask questions about your sleep patterns.  Because it has self-diagnosis tools embedded within, the DreamStation allows you to have peace of mind knowing exactly what quality of sleep you are getting each night.

Access to Patient Care Team

Not only will you have access to daily progress reports, you will also have a support system and access to a patient care team when you need it.  These services will help support you as you continue with your sleep therapy.  The Philips Respironic DreamStation will help you set and achieve sleep goals, while helping you stay on top of your sleep therapy.  Many practices recommend the DreamStation to their patients because of their ability to support their patients throughout the process.

When you are searching for a CPAP and therapy system to help you sleep better, you need the Philips Respironic DreamStation.  It will help you improve your sleep while providing you with diagnosis and daily sleep progress reports.  Contact us at AAA Wholesale to place your order today.