Top Infant Formulas Recommended By Doctors

infant formula

infant formula

As a parent, you struggle to make the best choices for your children. This starts with choosing the best source of nutrition for your infant. With countless choices available for infant formula, it is easy to question your decision and ask yourself if your choice is the best. At AAA Wholesale Company, we take the research into our own hands so that the parents who shop in our store are only offered the best infant formulas out there. When you shop with us, we will lead you through our top and expert-approved formulas so you can have peace of mind that your infant is getting fed the best. At AAA Whole Company, we offer the top two highly-regarded and pediatrician-recommended formulas to our customers.


Enfamil formula is recommended by pediatricians for many reasons. It offers 15 different varieties categorized by the developmental age of a child, such as newborns, infants, and toddlers. These formulas provide the appropriate nutrition for each stage of development. Enfamil offers high-quality ingredients that only offer nutritional value, but this comes at a higher cost. In addition to nonfat milk, lactose, and whey protein concentrate, Enfamil also contains palm oleic oil. This ingredient is a fatty acid that is similar to breast milk, which can help a weening baby with his or her transition from breastfeeding to formula. This, however, may make it less gentle on a baby’s stomach. Enfamil also has ingredients that add to brain health and cognitive development, and also contains iron, which boosts immunity.


Pediatricians also recommend Similac, another popular formula brand. It offers 20 different versions based on a baby’s needs and dietary restrictions. Similac formulas have some added sugars, which makes it taste better but have less nutritional value. Unlike Enfamil, Similac avoids using GMOs in its ingredients. Similac contains nonfat milk, lactose, whey protein concentrate, and a prebiotic oil that is naturally found in breast milk. Prebiotics help absorb calcium, build stronger bones, develop a strengthened immune system, and maintain a healthy gut.  Similac also adds lutein into its list of ingredients, which helps improve vision health.  The available options resolve common feeding issues, such as indigestion, gas, spitting up, milk intolerance, discomfort, poor weight gain, and much more. Both formula brands offer a wide array of formulas to combat these issues, but Similac offers a few more.

Choosing the best infant formula

Although both brands have similar vitamins and minerals, they offer different amounts of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins depending on a baby’s needs.  It is common for parents to try many formulas before deciding on which one is best for their child. At AAA Wholesale Company, we only offer the best to our parents.  We believe that putting the best options on our shelves will ease a parent’s stress. They don’t have to read every label and question each ingredient.  They can instead use their time to be with their family while still knowing they’ve chosen the best for their child.  Contact us today at 650-997-0880 to alleviate your stress and get the best nutrition for your infant.

NICU Care Products for a Fragile Population

photo by hush naidoo at unsplash

Swaddler for Phototherapy Preemie

One of the hardest things for a preemie to do is to regulate their own body temperature. Since they come out before their body organs are prepared to handle major temperature fluctuations, the Swaddler for Phototherapy not only provides their comfort, it also provides a special light that can help with jaundice. The phototherapy blanket helps to lower the bilirubin levels in a baby’s blood to help with the process of photo-oxidation, which makes it easier for the liver to break down the bilirubin that can be potentially harmful in large quantities.

Enteral Feeding Tube

Some premature babies are not yet ready to feed on their own, which might lead them to need an enteral feeding tube. Enteral feeding tubes used to be difficult to insert, and once inserted, they could become clogged easily. That meant that they had to be extracted and replaced. For preemies and infants alike, that was a highly traumatic process. Thanks to innovative new products like the enteral feeding tube de-clogger, it is now possible to fix a clogged tube without having to remove it. And it is possible to ensure that preemies are getting all the calories that they need.

The Ear Curette

When a preemie has an ear inflection, it can be difficult to see if earwax is covering the eardrum. The problem with traditional ear cleaners is that they can inadvertently push wax further into the canal and make things worse. The ear curette’s tip makes it possible to get a better look at the drum without the risk of rupturing it by pushing wax up against it.

The Controlled Flow Baby Feeder

It is difficult enough to get preemies to consume all the calories they need to catch up. The controlled flow baby feeder helps to reduce air in the belly that can lead to gastrointestinal problems. Gastrointestinal problems can slow feeding. Since the feeders are disposable, it also cuts down on the cost. And it also cuts down on the time needed to feed little preemies who are in the NICU.

NICUs have come a long way in the past couple of decades. Not only are they saving more lives, but innovative new products are making it easier to run the NICU. This also lets them focus on the health issues necessary to give preemies a good start in life. For more great NICU products, check out AAA Wholesale Company today. We have hundreds of lifesaving medical NICU supplies to help your hospital run much more safely and efficiently.

Managing PKU

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Phenylketonuria (PKU) impacts the way a person metabolizes protein. People who live with PKU have low or no ability to process phenylalanine (PHE), an amino acid that comes in most forms of protein. As a result, the PHE can build up inside the body. Infants, children, and adults with this buildup have a risk of health and mental problems that come from this buildup. For example, PHE accumulation can cause seizures, hyperactivity, developmental disorders, and several other health issues.

Thankfully, this disorder is quite rare, and medical professionals have an easy way to test for this disorder in infants. The newborn heel prick test reveals whether or not an infant has this disorder. When doctors and parents realize quickly enough that the child has the disorder, they can develop a plan that will manage the disorder and allow the child to live a healthy life.

Treatment and Management

Individuals with PKU must maintain a low-protein diet to avoid mental and physical health problems. Any more than just a few grams of regular protein can cause health issues. Because this disorder has no cure, the individual will have to keep up with this restriction for his or her entire life to achieve optimal health. Additionally, those with this disorder should arrange regular blood tests with their doctors. With blood tests, they can monitor their PHE levels and make any necessary dietary adjustments. Some people with the disorder may take medication to manage their PHE levels, but most manage their PHE through diet alone.

PKU Oral Supplement

Although the PKU diet limits protein intake, even people who can’t have PHE need protein to develop and function normally. Doctors have formulated PKU oral supplements to help individuals with this disorder fulfill their protein needs. These supplements come without PHE, giving those with PKU a healthy way to get protein without risking health problems. Also, infant formula for babies with PKU gives parents a safe way to feed their children without causing a PHE buildup.

Your best Wholesale Supplement Options

AAA Wholesale Company provides medical and pharmaceutical supplies for the healthcare community. We have a wide range of PKU products to help patients manage their protein intake. From adult oral supplements to baby formula, we have your needs covered, and since we sell these products wholesale, you can save some money in the long run. Take a look at our PKU formulas here, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Infant Bed Safety Basics

infant hospital bed safety
Hospital Infant Bed Safety Photo by Luma Pimentel on Unsplash

Your tiniest patients will need some of your biggest safety measures to thrive in a hospital setting. Outside of the medical field, some people think of children as smaller forms of adults. According to this thinking, children and infants need the same things that adults need, just in smaller sizes. In the medical field, though, especially for those who work in pediatrics, experts understand that children have different needs than adults. Infants especially need extra care in their safety, and hospital infant bed safety is perhaps one of the most important considerations.

Prevent Infant Suffocation

The most important aspect of hospital infant bed safety is preventing suffocation. Suffocation is one of the leading causes of infant death, and most of those deaths happen during sleep. The mattress that you choose can help keep babies safe from potential suffocation. Firm mattresses prevent an infant’s head from molding to the mattress and creating a “dip” for the child’s nose and mouth to get trapped. As always, practice basic infant sleep safety with hospital beds. An infant’s family members or friends of the parents may bring gifts such as blankets, pillows, and soft toys. Make sure that those gifts stay out of the baby’s bed.

Clean Mattresses Often

To prevent the spread of dangerous diseases, clean and sterilize crib mattresses on a regular basis. With their undeveloped immune systems, babies are more susceptible to certain illnesses than the rest of the general population. Premature babies are especially vulnerable to these illnesses. Some infants can catch illnesses from exposure to viruses and bacteria in hospital environments. You can help minimize the risk. Optimize your hospital infant bed safety by cleaning mattresses after each patient.

Prevent operation by children

Infants in the hospital may have older siblings, cousins, and other child visitors. When it comes to hospital infant bed safety, make sure that only adults can operate the beds. Release knobs should be easy enough for doctors and nurses to manage, but difficult for children to access. Release knob spacing can play an important role in operational safety.

Hospital infant Bed Safety

To keep the babies in your care as safe as possible, hospitals should have the best infant care technology. At AAA Wholesale Company, we have everything you need for crib mattress safety and beyond. Contact us if you have any questions, and be sure to check out the infant bedding options on our website.

Monogen Milk Protein Oral Supplement Can Help Children Get the Calories They Need

Photo by Carlo Navarro on Unsplash
Photo by Carlo Navarro on Unsplash

Monogen Milk Protein Oral Supplement can be the difference between children starving and getting the nutrition their bodies need. There are several types and sub-types of diseases that make normal formula or breastmilk off the table for babies. Today, children don’t need to suffer; they can get specialty formula. Monogen Milk Protein Oral Supplement is formulated to be low-fat, highly nutritious, and ready to eat.

Long chain fatty acid oxidation disorders

Newborn tests in hospitals save lives every day. While they catch diseases large and small, some of the most insidious disorders caught in newborn exams have to do with diet. If these diseases aren’t caught, the first signs of symptoms happen when damage has already been done. Some of these disorders are long-chain fatty acid oxidation disorders.

Long-chain fatty acids are a large portion of the nutrients we eat. They’re present in milk and most high-fat foods. The peak time to consume high-fat foods is infancy and childhood, when the body has a lot of growing to do and needs the calories to get it done. When your body runs out of glucose to burn for energy, it turns to metabolizing fats instead. Long-chain fatty acids are an efficient way to store nutrients — that is, until your body can’t process them. Children with any of the disorders that cause the body to be unable to digest and break down long-chain fatty acids are between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, they’re deprived of nutrition and suffer as soon as they’re out of glucose, leading to low blood sugars and the dangers that come with that. On the other hand, these long-chain fatty acids clog their bloodstream as essentially inert material. The more a child eats, the more of this material is pumped into his or her bloodstream. Getting control of children’s diets is a must — and finding them alternatives to fatty foods literally saves lives.

Low-fat diets are a must

People who can’t metabolize long-chain fatty acids need to be on a low-fat diet. They need to have enough other sources of energy to keep their bodies up and running. Monogen Milk Protein Oral Supplement is formulated to meet the digestion needs of people with long-chain fatty acid oxidation disorders. Additionally, the nutritional supplement meets the qualifications to be a low-fat food. It can be used to supplement an existing diet as children grow up. The nutritional supplement is approved for age one year and up! As children with these disorders get the food they can digest, they live longer and, in time, learn to feed themselves on the variety of foods available to adults.

Monogen Milk Protein Oral Supplement is a low-fat dietary supplement specifically formulated for people with long-chain fatty acid oxidation disorders. Their bodies can’t turn to fat for fuel, so their meals have to be composed of the right stuff to give them what they need. For people one year and older, that diet could include Monogen Milk Protein Oral Supplement.