How Masks Can Keep Your Hospital Safe

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If this recent health pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we need to do a better job of protecting ourselves from viruses. Doctors, nurses, and other hospital personnel are on the front lines of the pandemic. With this in mind, hospital staff need the best protection to ensure safety for both themselves and their patients. A great tool in the fight against the spread of viruses is a mask. Indeed, a mask provides a multitude of benefits for both the ones wearing them and surrounding people. However, there are several different kinds of masks, all with their own pros and cons. In this article, we will go over some of the essential masks you will find in a hospital. Also, we will show you how these masks keep your hospital safe during these troubling times.

The Different Masks You Will Need in a Hospital 

If you are responsible for purchasing medical equipment for a hospital, masks should be the highest thing on your to-do list. In recent weeks, research has shown that when doctors, nurses, and other medical staff wear masks, there is less risk in getting a virus born illness. However, there are many mask variations on the market. Therefore, you must understand what masks are right for your facility. Here is a shortlist of some of the masks you can find for hospital use.

3M N95 Masks

If you have turned on the news within the last six weeks, chances are you know what an N95 mask is. Also, if you work in a hospital, you have been familiar with the N95 mask for much longer. Indeed, for many years the N95 mask has been used in hospitals when trying to prevent the spread of viruses. There are several benefits to using an N95 mask when comparing them to other options found in a hospital. For example, nothing compares to the filtration capabilities of an N95 mask. According to the CDC, an N95 mask can filter up to 95% of all airborne particles, including viruses and other harmful bacteria. Also, due to the tight-fitting nature of the N95 mask, there is a minimal chance of any harmful viruses or particles leaking outside of the mask.

However, despite all the benefits that come with using an N95 mask, there are also a lot of cons. For example, there is expense associated with the N95 mask. When you compare the N95 mask to other masks on the market, it is easy to see that the N95 is one of the most expensive masks. If you are purchasing masks for a large hospital, it may be challenging to stay within budget when ordering N95 masks. Also, due to the ongoing health pandemic, it is extremely difficult to find the N95 mask in stock.

Surgical Masks

Surgical masks are by far the most common masks you will find in a hospital. Indeed, there are several positives when it comes to a surgical mask. For example, the average cost for a surgical mask is much lower when compared to other categories of masks on the market. Hospitals can get a massive supply of surgical masks for a fraction of the cost of an N95 mask. Also, a surgical mask provides a basic level of protection. When you wear a surgical mask, it protects against a variety of respiratory emissions from the patient. If you are looking to get surgical masks for your hospital, we recommend you get the Cardinal Surgical Mask Classic Pleated Ties. The Cardinal Surgical Mask Classic Pleated Ties provides all the benefits of a surgical mask while also supplying the quantity your hospital needs.

However, a surgical mask comes with a few potential problems. For example, a surgical mask does not offer the same protection when compared to an N95 mask. While the N95 can guard against both small and large particles, the surgical mask has no such capability. In fact, a surgical mask’s function is to help guard against fluids and large droplets. It also protects against a variety of respiratory emissions. Also, you must get rid of a surgical mask after every use. It is for this reason that if you purchase surgical masks for your hospital, you will need to purchase a larger quantity.

Face Shield Masks 

Face shield masks are great on their own and even better when you combine them with other masks. Masks like a surgical mask are great for a lot of reasons. However, a surgical mask has a lot of limitations when it comes to protecting you from outside contaminants. With this in mind, it makes sense that you would want some extra protection to go along with your surgical mask. A face shield mask provides a hard-plastic shield around your entire head. This hard-plastic shield guards you against any respiratory emissions, as well as a variety of particles that may be in the air.

With all the added benefits that come with using a face shield mask, there are also some downsides. One of the most significant downsides comes with keeping the face shield mask clean. Unlike an N95 mask or a surgical mask that can easily be disposed of, you cannot do so with a face shield mask. Since the face shield mask consists of hard plastic materials, they are much more expensive when compared to other masks. With this in mind, it makes more sense to clean face shield masks as much as possible to avoid replacing them. The constant cleaning of these masks makes it inconvenient to use them for an extended amount of time.

Buying Your Masks from the Right Company

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No matter what masks you choose to buy, you need to get them from the right company. Here at AAA Wholesale Company, we take pride in offering a wide variety of masks to our customers. We understand that this is a demanding time for the medical community; that is why we are trying our best to have all the necessary masks in stock. If we do not have the mask you are looking for, we can point you to alternatives we do offer. If you are interested in ordering medical supplies for your hospital, we encourage you to come to our website today.

5 Essential Supplies for Pre-Surgery Prepping

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Surgery is a serious event that affects millions of Americans each year. Indeed, surgery relieves and cures hundreds of diseases. As a doctor or medical professional, it is your responsibility to make the surgical experience the best it can be for the patient. Making sure you have the right supplies to prep for surgery is the best way to provide a smooth surgical experience. For instance, cleanser, cleaning cloths, and towels are just a few of many supplies that will come in handy. In this article, we go over the top five supplies you should have for pre-surgery prepping.

Fresh Scrubs

To begin with, the simplest and one of the best things to get before surgery is fresh scrubs. Working in a hospital, you and your clothes are continually coming in contact with dangerous bacteria. This bacteria can become embedded in your scrubs and potentially spread to patients. Replacing your scrubs before surgery will prevent any harmful bacteria infecting the patient when they are in that vulnerable state. Here at AAA Wholesale Company, we provide dozens of options when it comes to scrubs. No matter what color or fabric you prefer, we will have options you will love.

Get A Powerful Cleanser

A surgeon is nothing without his or her tools. Today, modern surgeons have access to dozens of tools and equipment that helps them perform at their best. However, these tools are useless if they are not adequately clean. An excellent way to keep your tools clean is to use a powerful cleanser while cleaning them. A cleanser like Emerel will provide the cleaning power you need for your tools.

Also, using a cleanser for your skin is vital to prevent any dangerous bacteria that may transport over to the patient. Getting a product like Cetaphil Cleanser provides powerful skin cleaning without damaging your skin.

Replace Old Tools 

Unfortunately, cleansers cannot fix every problem with your tools. Having a dull scalpel and scissors is dangerous when it comes to operating on a patient. Indeed, checking to make sure your tools are in good shape during pre-surgery will produce fewer headaches during surgery. If you do find that your scalpels are becoming too dull, it may be time to get new ones.

Cleanser Wipes 

We have discussed cleanser that you can use on your tools and yourself; now we need to talk about the proper way to clean the surfaces in the operating room. Having a reliable cleanser wipe is a quick and easy way to clean all the surfaces of the operating room. At AAA Wholesale Company, we offer dozens of options for cleanser wipes that fit any situation in which you will need them.

Face Masks

 An important theme that has repeated itself in this article is that bacteria is dangerous, especially in hospitals. Indeed, bacteria contracted in a hospital causes thousands of people to get sick every year. For this reason, purchasing heavy-duty face masks before surgery will help keep harmful bacteria contained while you or someone else performs surgery on a patient. We encourage you to go to AAA Wholesale Company to purchase cleanser and other supplies for your pre-surgery needs.  

5 Different Types of Face Masks

Face masks are a necessity in the medical world. Read on for information about 5 different types of face masks for doctors and patients.
Face masks are a necessity in the medical world. Read on for information about 5 different types of face masks for doctors and patients.
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Face masks are crucial in the medical world. In hospitals and medical facilities, you will see doctors, nurses, and even patients wearing face masks. With all the different options available on the market, it can be difficult to know which face mask to choose. Read on for information about five different types of face masks.

Basic Procedure Face Mask

The basic procedure mask is the standard blue medical mask. It is perfect for doctors and dentists doing their day-to-day patient checkups and examinations.

Antimicrobial Face Mask

The antimicrobial face mask is designed for doctors doing procedures where there is potential of contamination. Antimicrobial is an agent that kills microorganisms. This mask protects medical professionals against viruses and bacteria that they could come in contact with during a medical procedure. This mask has four layers of antimicrobial, meaning it will give you ultimate protection.

Face Mask with Shield

This type of face mask has an attached splash shield. This is perfect for surgeons who need to protect their whole face and eyes during procedures. The face mask has anti-fog technology so that doctors can clearly see through the shield. The mask is lightweight, latex free, and has filtration greater than 95% at 0.1-micron particles.

Anesthesia Face Mask

Doctors aren’t the only ones who need face masks. The patients sometimes need them too. An anesthesia face mask is for patients who are having surgery. These masks include inflatable cushions with inflation valves, transparent crowns, and collars.

Disposable Face Mask NIV

Another patient mask is the disposable face mask NIV. This vented mask is comfortable, affordable, and designed for single use. The mask is comfortable due to the mirage dual-wall cushion technology. The mask has a 360-degree rotating elbow with swivel which helps medical providers easily find the correct tube position. There is an exhalation vent, anti-asphyxia valve, and safety valve. The mask also allows for quick release in case of an emergency. This mask keeps patients synchronized with their ventilator.

Faces masks are extremely common in the medical world. There are many types for both patients and medical professionals. The above listed face masks are good options for any medical facility to have. They help protect both the doctors and patients and are comfortable and easy to wear. For more information about face masks, contact AAA Wholesale Company today.