Why You Should Use Disposable Lab Coats

lab coats

Laboratories are critical to the medical community. Lab technicians deal with medical samples, blood, bodily fluids, and chemicals. At AAA Wholesale Company, we offer many different supplies for laboratories. This includes everyday uniforms. Your laboratory wants the cleanest and safest lab coats for technicians. Disposable lab coats provide many benefits for both lab technicians and the patients they serve.

More Cost Effective

As a business, cost-effective decisions help budgets. However, this often leads to low-quality products. These products need replacement after a short period of time. In addition, proper function is at risk.  With disposable lab coats, quality is not compromised. These are designed to be high-quality and cost-effective. They are an affordable investment for any laboratory business.

Prevents the Spread of Contagions

Lab technicians come in contact with many samples of human blood, fluids, and other airborne particles. They are aware of the hazards they have in the workplace.  However, spills take place. In addition, techs come in contact with potentially contagious diseases. Therefore, disposable lab coats are the solution. Technicians dispose of contaminated clothing. Therefore, this eliminates the need to sanitize.

Decreases Cross-Contamination

Lab technicians are properly trained and certified. However, cross-contamination in lab testing still occurs. Reusable lab coats require heavy-duty cleaning chemicals. This leaves materials frayed or strings loose. These materials find their way into samples. This causes cross-contamination and inaccurate test results. Additionally, lab coats carry fluid from other samples when they aren’t sanitized, which can taint results. Overall, disposable lab coats decrease cross-contamination overall.

Limits Flammability

Many chemicals used in laboratories are flammable.  Therefore, flammable chemical residue remains on their clothing.  When they work with open flames, they are susceptible to catching fire.  To avoid this hazard, it is advisable to wear a new lab coat each time they enter the lab. Disposable lab coats stored in a contained area give laboratories and their technicians that option.

Safety benefits of using disposable lab coats in your laboratory facilities outweigh any of the drawbacks. At AAA Wholesale Company, we know that our customers want the best products for their business. So, that’s why we only offer the best.  Shop with us today by calling. Help your lab technicians become safer and avoid more hazards.