Differentiating Between Blood Pressure Monitors


Monitoring blood pressure becomes more of an issue as people age because of stress, diet, and weight gain. Other health factors like smoking can also contribute to higher blood pressure. High blood pressure puts people at greater risk of heart disease and other adverse health conditions. Getting an accurate blood pressure read is vital to be aware of where your blood pressure stands. It can fluctuate on its own, so people need to have confidence that the reading is on point. There are several different kinds of blood pressure monitors that doctors use in clinics, hospitals, and other settings. People can also buy a blood pressure monitor for home use. Here are a few different types of monitors and how they work.

Digital Blood Pressure Monitors

Most people who buy a home-use monitor probably have a digital blood pressure monitor. They’re simple to use and have self-inflating cuffs. All people have to do is slip it on their arm and press a button. The monitor has a screen that will beep and read out blood pressure numbers after several seconds. They vary in cost. Some are battery-powered, and others require plugging in for power.

Differences in digital blood pressure monitors exist in where they are placed. Most are upper-arm monitors with a cuff that slips above the elbow onto the bicep for a reading. There are also wrist bands and other devices that measure blood pressure from a wrist reading. Finger monitors are less common but use sensors where a finger is inserted into a slot to read blood pressure. Finger monitors are often viewed as less reliable than arm or wrist monitors.

Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitors

Aneroid blood pressure monitors are what many people may think of when they see EMTs or doctors working in movies. They’re the standard ball and gauge device. After slipping a cuff on the upper arm, the rubber ball is squeezed to inflate the cuff. Whoever is taking the blood pressure uses a stethoscope to measure pulse on the forearm as air is slowly let out because both top and bottom readings are needed. Using an aneroid on yourself can be difficult, and the device can be hard to use. For these reasons, they’re not typically recommended for home use. Aneroid monitors are usually used in medical settings to confirm digital readings on a machine.

AAA Wholesale Company has a wide array of digital and aneroid blood pressure monitors in stock. For people with concerns about blood pressure, having an easy-to-use monitor at home can provide peace of mind, as well as let you know if there’s something to be concerned about. Consult your physician if you have any concerns about owning a blood pressure monitor. They’re a great way to keep track of your health and make sure you’re on the right track to a happy and healthy life. Visit our site to check out all of our monitors in stock.

What to Look for in an Emergency Kit


Some people will roll their eyes or smirk when you tell them you’re thinking about buying an emergency kit. They lump you in with some of the extreme preppers on tv. What they don’t realize is that television shows purposely spotlight the craziest preppers because that’s what makes ratings. Millions of Americans practice common sense emergency preparedness. Take a look at recent floods in Houston, wildfires in Los Angeles, and Snowmaggedon in the Northeast. Natural disasters happen regularly in the country, so being prepared is the smart choice.

Determine Your Emergency Plans

Hopefully, you have emergency plans in place so everyone under your charge knows what to do if something goes wrong. They know who to call and where to go. Your emergency plan will largely dictate what kind of emergency kit you’ll need. If you need to plan for multiple days without food or water, you’ll need more extensive supplies. If you only need to survive a short time, then a go-bag with a bit of food, medical supplies, and water will do. Once you have a plan in place it’s easy to find the appropriate emergency kit.

Different Types of Emergency Kits

There are a lot of options when it comes to kits. There are kits designed for radioactive spills, trauma kits for things like a shooting or bomb explosion, and basic first-aid kits. Each is designed for different circumstances and will come at varying prices. They’ll come stocked with gloves, trauma bandages, airway tools, and other gear. There are emergency bags designed for surgeons to use, as well as kits for emergency responders. It’s important to stock your kit with things you know how to use. If emergency strikes and you’re unfamiliar with your gear, it will slow down response time and potentially cause further injury.

After you purchase a kit, familiarize yourself with what’s inside. Know what item is located in each pocket so you can search through it from memory. Training is more important than any item in an emergency. However, having reliable supplies will make your response effective. AAA Wholesale Company specializes in emergency medical supplies and pre-arranged kits. First responders and other medical specialists rely on our products to use every day. They are a great option for families who want to prepare for disaster as well. Visit our site to take a look at our wide selection of professional emergency kits today.

How to Meet Patient Nutritional Needs

hospital nutrition supplement


For some hospital patients, cafeteria food suits their needs just fine. For many other patients, however, this food can leave a nutritional gap. A lot of patients require a feeding tube. Several others have health-related dietary restrictions. These restrictions often limit patients’ food intake, sometimes to dangerous levels. For those patients, hospital nutrition supplements can bridge the gap. AAA Wholesale carries a broad range of options. This way you can provide your patients with exactly what they need.


Handling calorie Deficits

Health conditions like PKU or pressure ulcers can keep people from getting the calories that they need from their regular diets. Furthermore, other health conditions cause patients to lose their appetites. This means they may avoid eating a sustainable amount of calories. These situations can cause dangerous weight loss and other health problems. Hospital nutrition supplements, however, can provide extra calories when regular diets can’t get the job done. Some of these supplements were designed with advanced caloric needs in mind. The nutritionists who created these supplements have provided a way for patients to consume a lot of calories in an efficient way.


wELL-Rounded Nutrition

Of course, healthcare providers have other nutritional concerns apart from calorie intake. Any condition that causes calorie restrictions will also cause nutritional deficits. A lack of protein often causes a big concern. Thankfully, hospital nutritional supplements provide an easy, quality source of protein. As a result, these supplements can prevent muscular breakdown and cellular problems. Many of these supplements also contain a balanced mixture of macro- and micronutrients so that patients who don’t get enough from their hospital meals can still maintain their health.


Range of formulas

No matter what your patients need from their nutrition, hospital nutrition supplements can more than likely meet that need. Need a low-calorie but nutrient-dense formula? Hospital nutrition supplements can provide that. Need a good protein source in a feeding tube formula? Again, you can find a hospital nutrition supplement that will work for your patient. Whatever the patient’s nutritional needs may be, a supplement can help feed the body for better healing. You can also find a good range of flavor options for those patients who get tired of chocolate and vanilla.



When you need hospital nutrition supplements, AAA Wholesale is your go-to source. We carry supplements that fit all sorts of different needs. Take a look at our Nutricia products to get started. You can also contact us if you have any questions.

Disposable Lab Coats

photo by jarmoluk at pixabay https://www.aaawholesalecompany.com/searchresults.html?catalog=yhst-47586636122418&query=lab+coat&x=0&y=0

When you work in a laboratory setting, having a sterile environment is critical to the operation of the lab and the consistency of the lab results. To ensure you have a fully sterile environment, make sure that staff members are covered from head to toe. That way they can’t contaminate specimens or taint the work that you do. Disposable lab coats are a perfect way to ensure quality control. They can also prevent any contamination from interfering with your work environment.

What is a Disposable Lab Coat?

A disposable lab coat is a great solution to ensure that your employees maintain a sterile presence each time they enter the lab. If you allow employees to wear their own lab coat, there is no way to avoid contamination. You also can’t ensure that they are taking care of it on their own. And if you reuse lab coats and wash them internally, then you are going to pay a lot more in laundry costs. Disposable lab coats are the smartest and most inexpensive way to go.

Disposable Lab Coats are Versatile

There are a ton of different disposable lab coat options depending on your needs. They come in full lengths or jacket lengths of various materials. You can order them in bulk, and they will suit your entire staff instead of getting each employee their own lab coat. Custom lab coats can get pretty costly. The best part about a disposable lab coat is that when an employee’s shift ends, they simply throw it in the waste receptacle – what could be more versatile than that?

Not all Disposable Lab Coats are CREATED Equal

When it comes to disposable lab coats, like everything else in this world, you get what you pay for. Just because they are disposable, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have to have the quality necessary to do what they are supposed to (create a sterile environment). As an organization, it is important to cut costs, but not at the sacrifice of your work. So look for bulk disposable lab coats that will do what you need them to. Research different brands to know that they will help your laboratory maintain quality requirements.

If you run a lab and are looking to buy disposable lab coats, then AAA Wholesale Company is the company to buy from. We offer competitive pricing and the highest quality lab coats in the industry. We don’t just sell lab coats; AAA Wholesale Company has all the wholesale goods you will need to run your business and to keep the quality you need for your lab’s reputation. Check out our inventory today!

Pediatric Hospital Gowns: Not All Are Created Equal

pediatric hospital gowns


Pediatric doctors and nurses know that kids aren’t simply smaller versions of adults. They have their own needs, especially when it comes to healthcare. That’s why pediatric hospital gowns shouldn’t just be smaller versions of the gowns that hospitals provide for adults. Instead, they should be made with children and their needs in mind. At AAA Wholesale Company, we stock pediatric hospital gowns that use all of the considerations we’ve listed below.


physical comfort

Compared to adults, children can have a low tolerance for discomfort and sensory stimuli. Pediatric hospital gowns should, therefore, minimize physical discomfort as much as possible. Children in hospitals already have to experience a lot of discomfort. For example, they’re sleeping in unfamiliar beds, and they’re subjected to uncomfortable tests and procedures. The right hospital gowns will keep children as comfortable as possible while these kids deal with otherwise difficult and even painful situations. Gowns should provide softness and warmth, and they should have minimal contact with the wearer’s neck.


Emotional Cheer

Of course, physical comfort isn’t the only type of comfort that doctors and nurses should keep in mind. People of all ages can feel nervous about a hospital stay. For children, a trip to the hospital can become even scarier than it is for adults. Children often have a limited understanding of the situation. The unfamiliarity can heighten the fear that comes with a hospital stay. Pediatric hospital gowns can alleviate some of that fear. Instead of offering children the plain, sterile-looking gowns that adults wear, hospitals can provide children with fun shapes and animal patterns for their gowns. These patterns are similar to the sorts of things that children would have on their own clothes at home. They can add a sense of familiarity to a child’s hospital stay, providing emotional cheer and comfort.


sAFETY and Sizing

Most importantly, pediatric hospital gowns should provide certain safety measures. Hospitals should keep a wide variety of sizes for their pediatric hospital gowns. Limited sizing can lead to safety hazards. For instance, a child wearing an overly large hospital gown may trip and fall. Furthermore, pediatric hospital gowns should be made with flame-resistant material.



Are you looking for a safe and comfortable variety of pediatric hospital gowns? AAA Wholesale company has plenty of options. Check out these Animal Friends pediatric gowns for a cheerful and cozy choice. Have questions? Get in touch with us today.

Why Midmark’s Automatic Sterilizers are Top of the Line

Photo by Ousa Chea on Unsplash

Midmark makes top of the line automatic sterilizers that get the job done in record time. They’re a favorite of users for their customizability and range of uses and sizes. From the AUTOCLAVE, ULTRACLAVE AUTOMATIC 11″X18″ M11001M11 UltraClave® Automatic Sterilizer Steam 11 X 18 Inch Automatic Door B (Mfr# M11-022) to the AUTOCLAVE, STM W/MANUAL DOOR 9″X15″M9D AutoClave® Automatic Sterilizer Steam 9 X 15 Inch Manual Door (Mfr# M9D-022) there’s plenty to love about these sterilizers.

High Degree of Precision Control

There are several variables that go into your perfect sterilization procedure. The differences depend on your equipment and even your preference. Midmark’s Mfr# M11-022 allows you to control your process along four customizable axis!

Time is a huge factor with sterilization. You can set this to as little as three minutes, or as long as ninety! This wide range of variability makes it perfect for the many complicated needs of a lab. From hospital to research center, the Midmark automatic sterilizer will meet your needs.

Temperature is another important factor. Though the lowest setting is 230 degrees farenheights, you can program the autoclave to use temperatures up to 275. Delicate instruments will appreciate the lower temperature!

Dry time is a great way to optimize your workflow. You can skip the dry time entirely if the equipment doesn’t require it. You can also program your Midmark AUTOCLAVE, ULTRACLAVE AUTOMATIC 11″X18″ M11001M11 UltraClave® Automatic Sterilizer Steam 11 X 18 Inch Automatic Door B to dry for up to an hour. Have it ready for the next batch when you’re ready to put them in!

The last variable to consider is the venting speed of your autoclave. Choosing between quick venting and slow venting provides the final touch of control over your equipment. You can be mindful of your laboratory atmosphere’s needs during every aspect of sterilization.

Save Your Custom Cycles

If you’re enjoying the programmable features of your sterilizers, you will also enjoy that the Midmark Mfr# M11-022 allows you to save two custom programs! This saves a lot of time when you do a lot of certain kinds of sterilization in your lab. Instead of risking a mistake twelve times per day, simply ensure you’ve saved the correct program and access it with the touch of a single button!

Manual Options Available

The feautres of the Midmark Mfr# M11-022 have made it extremely popular, but its sister model is no slouch either! The Midmark Mfr# M9D-022, or AUTOCLAVE, STM W/MANUAL DOOR 9″X15″M9D AutoClave® Automatic Sterilizer Steam 9 X 15 Inch Manual Door offers you a slightly different size and features. The biggest difference is manual vs automatic doors! The automatic door is convenient, but a manual door ensures that any errors in sterilization will be the fault of human error, not the rare automatic mistake. Some people just prefer to take matters into their own hands. As the saying goes, “If you want something done right, do it yourself!”

Midmark’s automatic sterilizers are top of the line because they offer you fantastic choices. Choose how much you want to do yourself. Customize the sterilization process so it takes the amount of time and uses the temperature and venting style you want. There’s no wrong answer when it comes to Midmark.

Hospira IV Sets Make Nutritional Supplementation as Exact as Medication

Photo by Martha Dominguez on Unsplash

Hospira IV sets like the Primary Nutritional PlumSet are making modern nursing better than ever. Today, the front line of nursing care has the ability to be more precise than ever. The fast paced environment of nursing requires accurate measurements that are easy to read, and above all, reliable. Hospira IV sets, from medication dispersing to nutritional PlumSet IVs, raise the bar with great construction. They’re also incredibly adjustable! They are part of a  latex-free environment.

Hospira IV Sets Focus on Construction

Hospira IV sets focus on assembling the best pieces into the most useful IV sets. They focus on whagt components will be useful. On their Primary PlumSet, they have a 0.2 micron filter, Clave Y-site, and a secure lock to keep it all in place. When you adjust a patient’s medication for dispersement, or their nutritional supplement for absorption, getting the dose correct is key. Hospira IV sets make setting the dose easy, and changing the dose accidentally through drift, movement, or the gradual loosening of less secure IVs, difficult.

Widely Used with an Exceptional Reputation

Hospira IV sets are high quality, and easy to use. This combines to make them a popular choice for hospitals, care providers, nursing homes, and more. Hospira has a trademark on many of their components. They’re not only a manufacturer, but an innovator! Putting your trust in Hospira IV sets is a sound move, and their wide line of IVs and other products makes them a great brand for unexpected needs. Even if you haven’t used one of their products before, you can trust in the quality of Hospira.

Latex Free

Latex allergies are on the rise in the medical field and around the world. Hospitals are ripe for latex allergies, as until recently just about everything was made from this versatile rubber. The FDA brought new regulation to latex in 2016, and since then many brands have voluntarily phased latex out of some of their products. Hospira IV sets are made without natural rubber latex. Removing this known allergen makes the product safer for hospital staff and patients alike.

Hospira IV sets are a wise investment. Between Hospira’s trademarked terminology and top of the line IV sets, you can find whatever your patients need. Cut down on the use of the natural rubber latex in a care environment and better working conditions for doctors and patients. Choose Hospira IV sets.

Why Adult Briefs are Best for Incontinence

Photo by Wiebrig Krakau on Unsplash
Photo by Wiebrig Krakau on Unsplash
Photo by Wiebrig Krakau on Unsplash

Adult briefs are the best choice for dealing with incontinence. They’re less bulky than adult diapers and more absorbent than underwear liners. Choosing adult briefs helps you look and feel your best even when dealing with incontinence.

Natural Feel Under Clothes

Adult briefs are a way to feel like yourself even while dealing with incontinence. Adult briefs are made to feel like regular cloth underwear for both men and women. They aren’t as bulky as adult diapers and ensure that you can wear the same outfits you usually choose. Many people opt for adult briefs for this reason. It looks and feels like you’re not wearing anything special, but you have the freedom and protection you want.

High Quality for Reusable Products

Companies design adult briefs around the assumption that you’re going to be able to use them more than once. They have to stand up to regular washing and continual reuse. For this reason, designers only use quality material. Investing in high-quality products may cost more at the outset, but even when you factor in the eventual need to replace them, they’re still a more cost-effective option than buying only disposable liners.

Wide Coverage Area

Adult briefs are more popular than a liner because they offer full coverage. Most thin options only protect against small trickles and accidents, often considered stress incontinence. They’re for people who have trouble when they sneeze, cough, or laugh. These cause spasms in the body that make their way to the bladder, causing small accidents infrequently. Liners aren’t up to handling someone who empties their bladder. Briefs are large enough that they can wick moisture away and diffuse it over a large area, leaving you dry and comfortable for longer, even if you empty your bladder.

Easy to Bring With You

One adult brief may be all you need in a typical day, but getting peace of mind often means bringing a backup with you just in case. Unlike bulky adult diapers, adult briefs are easy to carry with you discreetly. You can roll them snugly and keep them in a briefcase or your purse. They won’t take up much room, and it won’t be noticeable what you’re trying to bring around with you. They provide the peace of mind you need to enjoy yourself when you’re out and about.

Don’t let adult diapers ruin your day, or underwear liners fail you when you need them most. Wear adult briefs and enjoy full coverage and full comfort. They’re even easy to pack if you want extra peace of mind.

Monogen Milk Protein Oral Supplement Can Help Children Get the Calories They Need

Photo by Carlo Navarro on Unsplash
Photo by Carlo Navarro on Unsplash

Monogen Milk Protein Oral Supplement can be the difference between children starving and getting the nutrition their bodies need. There are several types and sub-types of diseases that make normal formula or breastmilk off the table for babies. Today, children don’t need to suffer; they can get specialty formula. Monogen Milk Protein Oral Supplement is formulated to be low-fat, highly nutritious, and ready to eat.

Long chain fatty acid oxidation disorders

Newborn tests in hospitals save lives every day. While they catch diseases large and small, some of the most insidious disorders caught in newborn exams have to do with diet. If these diseases aren’t caught, the first signs of symptoms happen when damage has already been done. Some of these disorders are long-chain fatty acid oxidation disorders.

Long-chain fatty acids are a large portion of the nutrients we eat. They’re present in milk and most high-fat foods. The peak time to consume high-fat foods is infancy and childhood, when the body has a lot of growing to do and needs the calories to get it done. When your body runs out of glucose to burn for energy, it turns to metabolizing fats instead. Long-chain fatty acids are an efficient way to store nutrients — that is, until your body can’t process them. Children with any of the disorders that cause the body to be unable to digest and break down long-chain fatty acids are between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, they’re deprived of nutrition and suffer as soon as they’re out of glucose, leading to low blood sugars and the dangers that come with that. On the other hand, these long-chain fatty acids clog their bloodstream as essentially inert material. The more a child eats, the more of this material is pumped into his or her bloodstream. Getting control of children’s diets is a must — and finding them alternatives to fatty foods literally saves lives.

Low-fat diets are a must

People who can’t metabolize long-chain fatty acids need to be on a low-fat diet. They need to have enough other sources of energy to keep their bodies up and running. Monogen Milk Protein Oral Supplement is formulated to meet the digestion needs of people with long-chain fatty acid oxidation disorders. Additionally, the nutritional supplement meets the qualifications to be a low-fat food. It can be used to supplement an existing diet as children grow up. The nutritional supplement is approved for age one year and up! As children with these disorders get the food they can digest, they live longer and, in time, learn to feed themselves on the variety of foods available to adults.

Monogen Milk Protein Oral Supplement is a low-fat dietary supplement specifically formulated for people with long-chain fatty acid oxidation disorders. Their bodies can’t turn to fat for fuel, so their meals have to be composed of the right stuff to give them what they need. For people one year and older, that diet could include Monogen Milk Protein Oral Supplement.


HemoCue Sets the Bar for Quick Blood Sugar Analysis Accuracy

Image by stevepb - https://pixabay.com/en/users/stevepb-282134/
Image by stevepb – https://pixabay.com/en/users/stevepb-282134/

As a diabetic, you know the importance of an accurate blood sugar reading. Quick, accurate testing allows you to take control of you blood sugar. It tells you when your blood is getting low, how quickly it’s rising, and allows you to know how much insulin you need to take control of your blood sugar. Accuracy also helps diabetics control blood sugar levels without medication. The effects of diet and exercise are easy to see when accurate and detailed information is available. The HemoCue Hemoglobin Analyzer cuvette system is a portable, quick, and highly accurate way for medical staff or diabetics to measure blood sugar levels.

Large sample size

HemoCue gets accurate results due to its large sample size. For diabetics, the seemingly large amount of blood required can be surprising. The HemoCue’s cuvettes can hold 10 micro liters of blood. By comparison, the average test strip for other blood sugar readers requires only 4 micro liters of blood. More than doubling the size of the drop can be surprising, but the large sample size is what gives the HemoCue such an accurate reading. Even though 10 micro liters (ten millionths of a liter) equal a single drop of blood, the benefits outweigh the tiny increase in sample size.

Quick results

Analyzing a large sample doesn’t slow down the HemoCue. The cuvette is prepped with reagents that are mixed through capillary action as the sample is pulled into the cuvette. This process primes the sample for analysis. Average levels of blood sugar can take as little as twenty seconds to analyze. As the blood sugar climbs, the process does take a little longer, but even very high levels take a minute or less to get results. Once the patient is familiar with the process, they can begin prepping their insulin and making decisions.

Shelf stable cuvettes

Cuvettes are stable for three months once their whole packaging is opened. This is ample time to be used. A single diabetic using the HemoCue exclusively to test their blood sugar will use up a pack well before they expire. A medical practice which tests the blood of dozens of patients a day will never have to even worry about it. The shelf stable lives of the cuvettes were designed to never be an imposition or lead to waste.

HemoCue’s Hemoglobin Analyzer is easy to use and provides fast, accurate results. It’s a great tool for medical practices that need to assess a patient immediately. It’s also a fantastic tool for diabetics who want frequent, accurate results as they fine tune their eating and exercise plans.