Monogen Milk Protein Oral Supplement Can Help Children Get the Calories They Need

Photo by Carlo Navarro on Unsplash
Photo by Carlo Navarro on Unsplash

Monogen Milk Protein Oral Supplement can be the difference between children starving and getting the nutrition their bodies need. There are several types and sub-types of diseases that make normal formula or breastmilk off the table for babies. Today, children don’t need to suffer; they can get specialty formula. Monogen Milk Protein Oral Supplement is formulated to be low-fat, highly nutritious, and ready to eat.

Long chain fatty acid oxidation disorders

Newborn tests in hospitals save lives every day. While they catch diseases large and small, some of the most insidious disorders caught in newborn exams have to do with diet. If these diseases aren’t caught, the first signs of symptoms happen when damage has already been done. Some of these disorders are long-chain fatty acid oxidation disorders.

Long-chain fatty acids are a large portion of the nutrients we eat. They’re present in milk and most high-fat foods. The peak time to consume high-fat foods is infancy and childhood, when the body has a lot of growing to do and needs the calories to get it done. When your body runs out of glucose to burn for energy, it turns to metabolizing fats instead. Long-chain fatty acids are an efficient way to store nutrients — that is, until your body can’t process them. Children with any of the disorders that cause the body to be unable to digest and break down long-chain fatty acids are between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, they’re deprived of nutrition and suffer as soon as they’re out of glucose, leading to low blood sugars and the dangers that come with that. On the other hand, these long-chain fatty acids clog their bloodstream as essentially inert material. The more a child eats, the more of this material is pumped into his or her bloodstream. Getting control of children’s diets is a must — and finding them alternatives to fatty foods literally saves lives.

Low-fat diets are a must

People who can’t metabolize long-chain fatty acids need to be on a low-fat diet. They need to have enough other sources of energy to keep their bodies up and running. Monogen Milk Protein Oral Supplement is formulated to meet the digestion needs of people with long-chain fatty acid oxidation disorders. Additionally, the nutritional supplement meets the qualifications to be a low-fat food. It can be used to supplement an existing diet as children grow up. The nutritional supplement is approved for age one year and up! As children with these disorders get the food they can digest, they live longer and, in time, learn to feed themselves on the variety of foods available to adults.

Monogen Milk Protein Oral Supplement is a low-fat dietary supplement specifically formulated for people with long-chain fatty acid oxidation disorders. Their bodies can’t turn to fat for fuel, so their meals have to be composed of the right stuff to give them what they need. For people one year and older, that diet could include Monogen Milk Protein Oral Supplement.


Adding Some New Nutrition to Your Diet


Image by maxmann -
Image by maxmann –

Nutrition is the key to a healthy life. It fuels your body and gives you energy to keep fit and pursue your goals. Unfortunately, getting the right nutrition can be difficult, and the consequences have immediate and long-term consequences. Below are some ideas to help get the right nutrition from two of the trickiest portions of your plate.


Vegetables are the cornerstone of good nutrition. However, there are plenty of reasons people don’t want to eat them. People say they don’t like the texture, or they don’t like the flavor. Children often take this dislike to new levels of dietary rebellion. The good news is: there are plenty of ways to overcome those obstacles.

There are innumerable methods to hide vegetables in food. One idea is to imitate a smoothie, and then get creative. A blender will turn most vegetables into a highly nutritious puree, and tougher vegetables are easy to blend after a short boil. This veggie mix can be used in everything from meatballs to pasta sauce. After all, tomato sauce is nothing but seasoned tomato puree. Any sauce is an opportunity to add some vegetables to your meal. Finley chopped cauliflower can masquerade as breadcrumbs with the right seasoning, and many shredded vegetables go well in baked goods. Essentially anything you eat can be a secret vehicle for vegetables.

An easier trick is to simply try cooking vegetables a new way. Steamed and boiled vegetables quickly loose flavor and become soggy. Many people who believe they hate all vegetables really just hate vegetables when they are mushy. Roasted vegetables appeal to many picky eaters who do not believe they like vegetables. A little olive oil and some generous seasoning can go a long way towards turning the worst part of a meal into the highlight of your dinner.


The most complicated part of nutrition is often protein. Many people do not know the best sources of protein, consume too much protein, or do not consume enough of this vital dietary element. Any of these can cause severe health problems and increase your chances of developing additional conditions. Lean protein, particularly from fish, is usually the healthiest option. Protein from nuts and other vegetarian sources is also healthy, but it’s important to talk with your doctor and check for certain conditions before giving up all meat.

For some, however, protein is an even more complicated issue. Phenylketonuria (PKU) is a rare genetic condition found in infants and adults that prevents the body from breaking down a specific amino acid. This causes the amino acid to build up to dangerous levels inside the body, resulting in seizures, hyperactivity, stunted growth, and further symptoms. If not treated, the condition can cause brain damage. Individuals with PKU must be prescribed special dietary supplements to ensure they receive the necessary protein without the hazardous amino acid they cannot properly digest. PhenylAde and PhenylAde60 are both good options for those with PKU. These two supplements are so popular, there are actually recipes online to turn daily doses into tasty shakes.

Every individual’s nutritional needs are a little different, and it’s important to consult with your doctor before making any serious changes to your diet. Still, there is always room for improvement, whether you’re looking to add more vegetables to the table or seeking the right source of protein.