What to Look for in an Emergency Kit


Some people will roll their eyes or smirk when you tell them you’re thinking about buying an emergency kit. They lump you in with some of the extreme preppers on tv. What they don’t realize is that television shows purposely spotlight the craziest preppers because that’s what makes ratings. Millions of Americans practice common sense emergency preparedness. Take a look at recent floods in Houston, wildfires in Los Angeles, and Snowmaggedon in the Northeast. Natural disasters happen regularly in the country, so being prepared is the smart choice.

Determine Your Emergency Plans

Hopefully, you have emergency plans in place so everyone under your charge knows what to do if something goes wrong. They know who to call and where to go. Your emergency plan will largely dictate what kind of emergency kit you’ll need. If you need to plan for multiple days without food or water, you’ll need more extensive supplies. If you only need to survive a short time, then a go-bag with a bit of food, medical supplies, and water will do. Once you have a plan in place it’s easy to find the appropriate emergency kit.

Different Types of Emergency Kits

There are a lot of options when it comes to kits. There are kits designed for radioactive spills, trauma kits for things like a shooting or bomb explosion, and basic first-aid kits. Each is designed for different circumstances and will come at varying prices. They’ll come stocked with gloves, trauma bandages, airway tools, and other gear. There are emergency bags designed for surgeons to use, as well as kits for emergency responders. It’s important to stock your kit with things you know how to use. If emergency strikes and you’re unfamiliar with your gear, it will slow down response time and potentially cause further injury.

After you purchase a kit, familiarize yourself with what’s inside. Know what item is located in each pocket so you can search through it from memory. Training is more important than any item in an emergency. However, having reliable supplies will make your response effective. AAA Wholesale Company specializes in emergency medical supplies and pre-arranged kits. First responders and other medical specialists rely on our products to use every day. They are a great option for families who want to prepare for disaster as well. Visit our site to take a look at our wide selection of professional emergency kits today.