Managing PKU

Photo by Julie Johnson on Unsplash

Phenylketonuria (PKU) impacts the way a person metabolizes protein. People who live with PKU have low or no ability to process phenylalanine (PHE), an amino acid that comes in most forms of protein. As a result, the PHE can build up inside the body. Infants, children, and adults with this buildup have a risk of health and mental problems that come from this buildup. For example, PHE accumulation can cause seizures, hyperactivity, developmental disorders, and several other health issues.

Thankfully, this disorder is quite rare, and medical professionals have an easy way to test for this disorder in infants. The newborn heel prick test reveals whether or not an infant has this disorder. When doctors and parents realize quickly enough that the child has the disorder, they can develop a plan that will manage the disorder and allow the child to live a healthy life.

Treatment and Management

Individuals with PKU must maintain a low-protein diet to avoid mental and physical health problems. Any more than just a few grams of regular protein can cause health issues. Because this disorder has no cure, the individual will have to keep up with this restriction for his or her entire life to achieve optimal health. Additionally, those with this disorder should arrange regular blood tests with their doctors. With blood tests, they can monitor their PHE levels and make any necessary dietary adjustments. Some people with the disorder may take medication to manage their PHE levels, but most manage their PHE through diet alone.

PKU Oral Supplement

Although the PKU diet limits protein intake, even people who can’t have PHE need protein to develop and function normally. Doctors have formulated PKU oral supplements to help individuals with this disorder fulfill their protein needs. These supplements come without PHE, giving those with PKU a healthy way to get protein without risking health problems. Also, infant formula for babies with PKU gives parents a safe way to feed their children without causing a PHE buildup.

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