Collection Tubes and the Role They Play in Modern Medicine

collection tubes
collection tubes
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In recent decades, collection tubes have proven to be a vital resource in both the medical and scientific fields. Indeed, collection tubes provide a convenient way to transport and test blood. If you are responsible for purchasing at hospitals, labs, or other medical facilities, you need to know all you can about collection tubes. In this article, we will go over the basics of collection tubes and what you need to know to make a responsible purchase. Also, we will discuss the best places to buy your collection tubes.

What are Collection Tubes 

Collection tubes can go by many names, depending on what they are being used for. For example, they can be referred to as serums tubes, serum separator tubes, SSts, and gold-topped tubes. The primary function of a collection tube is to collect and provide transport for blood and other materials. Also, a collection tube provides easy access to the blood inside. This ease of access is beneficial if you are running tests on the blood inside a collection tube.

Different Kinds of Collection Tubes 

Not all tubes perform the same function when collecting blood. Indeed, there are several different kinds of collection tubes that all perform specific tasks. The first significant classification is a serum tube. A serum tube has silica particles that aid in the clotting of blood. Once the blood clots, the serum tube will then be able to collect the serum of the blood cells. Serum tubes come in many colors, depending on the brand. Gold and red are the two most common colors when identifying serum tubes. We recommend you go with something like the BD 367983. The BD 367983 is a great and affordable serum tube.

The next primary class of tubes is the anticoagulant tubes. Anticoagulant tubes operate as the exact opposite of a serum tube. While serum tubes try to clot the blood, anticoagulant tubes want to prevent clotting altogether. Blood that cannot clot is excellent if you need to collect plasma or blood cells. The process by which the anticoagulant prevents clotting depends on the brand and style. For example, EDTA, or purple, anticoagulant tubes prevent clogging by introducing calcium into the blood.

Buying Your Collection Tubes 

The place you buy your collection tubes is just as important as the collection tubes you use. Indeed, collection tubes hold valuable materials; you must treat them with care by providing excellent collection tubes. Here at AAA Wholesale, we want to ensure you are providing the best service to your patients by giving you the very best in equipment. All the collection tubes we stock, including the BD 367983, are the best collection tubes on the market. If you are responsible for purchasing at a hospital or other medical facility, we encourage you to visit our website. We offer industry-leading equipment at prices that can fit any budget.