Carts and Other Transport Methods in Hospitals



Getting items from one part of a hospital to another is essential. Therefore, transporting equipment and other supplies is crucial. If you are responsible for purchasing in a hospital, this transportation need is a consideration. There are several options when it comes to transporting equipment and other supplies in a hospital setting. Utilizing carts is the most practical way of moving items through a hospital. However, carts differ widely. In fact, there are special carts for many transportation functions in a hospital. In this article, we address different kinds of carts as well as other transportation ideas.

Utility Carts 

The most common cart found in any hospital is a utility cart. These carts provide a simple system to transport specific equipment. These carts also transport supplies throughout the hospital. Most utility carts come with three small shelves. Also, utility cart materials vary. Some are made with polyethylene. Others consist of metal. However, there are some downsides to using a utility cart. First, most are simplistic in nature. They don’t have any specialized slots for specific equipment. Also, there are no security features on a utility cart. Equipment and supplies are left out in the open. This makes them vulnerable to theft in the hospital.

Purchasing a utility cart is beneficial. We recommend the Polyethylene Utility Cart by Lakeside. The polyethylene Utility Cart by Lakeside provides a solution for transportation in hospitals. It is simple and reliable. Also, the price is extremely affordable.

Medication Carts 

A medication cart is useful for more specific needs. Unlike a utility cart, a medication cart utilizes drawers instead of shelves. These drawers come equipped and ready to carry prescription drugs throughout the hospital. An added benefit of using a medication cart is the enhanced security. Depending on the medication cart you purchase, the drawers have locking mechanics. This ensures your medication stays safe throughout the transportation process.


Bags are great for transporting items that do not need to be protected by shelves or drawers. Also, it is common for utility and other carts to come with attachments that allow you to attach a bag directly to the cart.

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