How Administration Sets by Bbraun Improve Hospitals

Photo by Daan Stevens on Unsplash

Administration Sets by Bbraun improve the function and organization of hospitals. This starts with the wide variety of drop sets offered by this major medical supplier. Hospitals can stock up with a product they’re comfortable with, in a brand that’s earned their trust. That factors in to greater medication accountability and lower nurse stress. It’s always a good idea to take a burden off of direct caregivers whenever possible.

Bbraun’s Diversity Allows for One Supplier for One Product

They have two standard sizes, for 15 drops and 60 drops, that cover the widest variety of patient needs. However, they do offer other drop sets ups, such as 10 drops. This range of products allows hospitals to turn to this brand over others. Establishing a familiarity with products can reduce wait time and save lives. Whatever size you need, Bbraun will have an administration set that fits your needs.

Administration Sets by Bbraun Improve Medication Accountability

To err is human, but hospitals don’t have the luxury to forgive these mistakes. One of the most common reasons for medical mixups is a simple lack of communication. One party makes an oversight, and the other doesn’t catch it, and it leads to a disaster.

Administration sets by Bbraun lower the risk of miscommunication. Since they come in prepackaged sets, it adds another layer of double checking to medicine administration. If someone is only supposed to have 20 drops, but they’re already fitted for a 60 drop administration set, it doesn’t match. This prompts the nurse to go back to make sure she read it right, and barring that, to make sure there was no miscommunication from the doctors either.

Reduce Nurse Stress

Nurses are the blood and bones of a hospital. Stress attacks nurses on the job. The hospital fails without them. More and more, however, struggle with the demands of the job. Administration sets from Bbraun essentially allow them to set a patient’s medication and check back when it’s all been dispersed. It reduces the amount of time they have to spend just observing the patient. This allows them to complete their rounds, and gets every patient more attention over all. When nurses can do everything on their plate, they’re less stressed and the hospital runs more smoothly.

Administration sets by Bbraun can help make your hospital a more efficient place. It adds a simple medical check to the medication delivery process. It reduces the need for nurses to actively give medication, and allows them to finish their rounds feeling more productive and less stressed. That’s always a great thing.