What’s in an Industrial Toilet Seat?

What is Different About a Bemis Medic-Aid Industrial Toilet Seat?

Bemis is a manufacturer that caters to public bathroom settings. Bemis seats are specifically for where there are people who have special and specific needs. They are manufactured to be both safe and comfortable. To reduce the risk of infection in places like nursing homes and hospitals, they also have an anti-microbial agent built in that helps to kill bacteria and viruses on contact and reduce odor. Bemis Medic-Aid toilets are also heavy-duty to provide more safety and security features to the public.

Medic-Aid Lift Seats

The Medic-Aid Lift Seats are a perfect choice for nursing homes and hospitals. They provide strength and durability. Because they meet ANSI Z124.5 standards, they will also ensure that you aren’t leaving yourself vulnerable if something should happen in the bathroom. The Medic-Aid seat has a raised plastic tile seat that gives people more ease when lowering and raising themselves. And they all come with the DuraGuard anti-microbial agent built-in for easy cleaning and germ protection.

The Medic-Aid with Safety Side Arms

When you have an individual or a population that needs a little more assistance, the Medic-Aid with Safety Side Arms is a perfect choice. Not only does the seat provide the same anti-microbial agent, but it also has side arms. They help to assist the user when sitting and getting up. It is highly durable and has stainless steel side arms. To ensure that the arms aren’t slick, they are textured and have placed finger and handgrips for more traction.

Medic-Aid Lift Spacer

For the best of all worlds, the Medic-Aid Lift Spacer has DuraGuard and an anti-microbial agent. The lift of the Medic-Aid lift Spacer is three inches high. That gives the seat more height for easier lifting and lowering. And it also has a 300 series stainless mounting bracket that allows the seat to be raised to a vertical position for easy cleaning.

Although the average person doesn’t give much thought to an industrial toilet seat, when you deal with special populations, a toilet seat becomes highly critical. To find the best supplies for your company or business, check out AAA Wholesale. We provide a large inventory of what you need at a price that beats the competition.